Services We Provide

IT Consulting & Implementation
we are good at IT consulting and Implementing exact systems your business needed to achieve the profit goals .
Knowledge Process Outsourcing
Our Company helps you to implement difficult business operations that requires expert knowledge.
Information Technology Enabled Services
From simple data processing service to Research and analytics , we cover it all to provide all in one solutions.

Reasons for Choosing Us

We Lead from the Front

CODIAC Technologies is founded to explore the vast opportunities in Cloud Technologies. And the team of CODIAC has strong experience and knowledge in IT-enabled services, Software Development, Digital Marketing, and Business Process Management.

As an IT company, We rethink and rebuild processes for the digital age by combining the speed and insight of the current and new strategies. Our team is experts in accelerating performance and achieving high-impact outcomes through winning execution strategies across the entire business and IT Industry. More than that codiac as the best IT software company we are their trusted partners who help them to steer towards success.

  • ­Codiac will focus on things that you can’t!
  • ­Help to Save your time, resource and money!
  • ­Create endless business possibilities together!

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Latest News

facebook marketing

December 4, 2019

Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget.

1. Post with intent. small businesses need to be more mindful of how they communicate with their audiences.You can’t just post into Facebook and hope someone sees them. You need to post with intention and then decide what you are going to do with that post, In other words, if you are going to boost

why small businesses need to invest in Digital Marketing?

November 4, 2019

Why small businesses need to invest in Digital Marketing?

Why would you choose to postpone digital marketing? Different small business owners may come up with different reasons to avoid this form of marketing, but in the end, procrastination is still procrastination. small business owners always think that they don’t have enough budget to spend on digital marketing.they will wait for a long time and

what is a chatbot

October 23, 2019

What is a Chatbot? How to use Chatbot in your business?

chatbot is a  program that simulates human conversation through voice commands or text chats or both. If you’ve ever used a customer support LiveChat service in a website, you’ve probably experienced with chatbot sneaking suspicion that the “person” you’re chatting with might actually be a robot. Chatbot’s new technology that simplified the interaction between humans