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Why Outsource your business process to Codiac !

CODIAC is a standard bpo outsourcing company that is located in Kerala – India to serve all our clients from abroad. We intend to provide traditional customer care operations and internal business functions to our various clients as a way to help them handle the non-core aspects of their business.We are passionate about creating unique solutions that could meet the specific requirements of our customers. More than that as a bpo and kpo outsourcing company we are their trusted partners who help them to steer towards success.


Business Process Management

Make your organization more agile, improve customer satisfaction and experience and achieve operational savings -all the time. With our BPM services through our “Smart Basics” delivery model coupled with strong transition methodology & robust governance model, organizations can propel forward. You can quickly automate business processes and increase productivity using proven workflow management tools and integration software packages. With extensive global experience across industries, we can create a flexible process platform tailored to your business needs. In addition, Codiac as a bpo and kpo outsourcing company in kerala has deployed Hub n Spoke BPO model where services get delivered in both Urban & Non-Urban centres in India to take advantage of low-cost operations, backed by proven in-house practices and delivery mechanisms.

Deliver excellence to clients

Our focus is on providing comprehensive solutions over services, using technologies, surpassing client expectations.

We understand the importance of implementing the processes without business impact at the transition stage. Also critical to a successful transition and implementation, is overcoming various unforeseen scenarios; we provide that “Agility”.

We believe that the client doesn’t need mere services, but they need a comprehensive solution to manage their services. We at CODIAC deploy a “Solution Approach” to every activity that we deliver by identifying areas of optimization and provide a cost benefit to our clients. We use various technology platforms to design the delivery model for service requirements.

A positive growth is seen in the outlook of global outsourcing industry in 2019.New outsourcing destination in addition to the cost effective running of industries are the new reasons behind the accelerated growth in the bpo industry

According to a report from global property firm cushman and wakefield it will continue to grow by 6 percent annually for the next six years, Automation will be a major threat to low skilled jobs in the BPO sector. Many of the major outsourcing companies initiated  to provide major investments in robotic automation in the coming two years.

Governments of leading BPO nations will focus on solutions like improving education to position itself for rising demands in 2019. To meet such needs, existing BPO employees will be expected to broaden their skill sets.Startups will also play a important role in the outsourcing sector starting from this year, and this trend will continue in 2019 also. Moreover, the industry will benefit from increased transparency in global outsourcing policies.As a bpo outsourcing company kerala we are also on the path new strategies towards new trends in bpo industry

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