Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget.

facebook marketing

1. Post with intent.

small businesses need to be more mindful of how they communicate with their audiences.You can’t just post into Facebook and hope someone sees them. You need to post with intention and then decide what you are going to do with that post, In other words, if you are going to boost facebook campaigns in a budget.

2. Don’t post without a content calendar.

In order to plan effectively, a content calendar is very important.A content calendar is the most effective way to boost your efforts while minimizing the time spent on Facebook marketing. You can plan out content at one time and by using a scheduling program, like Buffer or Sprout Social, you are able to set it and forget it.

3. Optimize your profile page.

Tabs are used as a navigation bar for your Facebook business page, it is important to make sure that they are well organized to improve the user’s ability to find information easily. By optimizing tabs, restructuring their hierarchy and including or removing important tabs, you provide the user with a smoother experience, If you are a service-based company, make sure your review tab is turned on. If you add tabs that link to your other social media pages, make sure these are all grouped together. If you’re promoting an event or job posting for a vacancy, make sure these tabs are also turned on and advertise your information here.

4.Include Customer Service in Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

consumers expect great customer service from brands on the Facebook page. Delighting customers and providing consistent customer service is a smart way to stand apart from competitors in your industry.

Using Facebook as a customer service channel delivers you the fastest response time. Being able to reach a brand when there is a problem is a huge trust signal, and people are more likely to choose you when they know you’ll respond. They can see that your customer service is on point if there is an issue with the product or service.

5. Go Live

If you want to connect with your fans, Facebook Live can drive real tome results.

When planning a live broadcast on your facebook page choose a focus in advance. Plan your title carefully, because it’s what people will see as a notification when you’re live.

Pick a device with great audio setup – mic, so your fans and clients can hear you clearly. Always end with a call-to-action button, like Shop Now, Learn More or Sign Up.

6.Use Custom Audiences for Ads and Boosted Posts

The easiest way to see a higher return on your ad spend is to use custom audiences. There are numerous ways to create custom audiences, and by utilizing a Facebook pixel on your website you can target a range of behaviors. A few methods you can use custom targeting include building a custom audience based on:

  • Subscribers to your newsletter
  • The number of people who watch a video to completion, or partway through
  • Who visits your page and engages with you
  • Who visits your website, or certain pages on your site
  • The friends of people who like and engage with your Facebook page

Measure Your Success

No matter your approach to Facebook marketing, make sure you’re measuring the success and growth of your efforts. Take time each week or month to review your Facebook insights. Check post and content performance to continually adjust your strategy to determine which actions — like the ones listed above — are most effective in bringing you new customers and improving engagement on your Facebook page. With consistent effort, it won’t take long before customers are finding and choosing your small business over competitors.

While you might be new to the idea of using Facebook to promote your business, after reading this post, you should now have a good sense of how to get started. contact us for more help and clarification about Facebook Marketing. Also, read our blog about Instagram for business