How Instagram can help your business?

How Instagram can help your business?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. About 25 million companies worldwide are already using Instagram for business, and more than 200 million users’  are every day. We’ll look at some of the main Instagram marketing strategies, in addition to some of the higher-level concepts you’ll want to keep in mind, too.

1. Focus on creating high-quality content

One of the business content that works well on Instagram is product photos. Taking high-quality photos doesn’t need to be hard, and you can do a good job using your is about Instagram stories. Instagram Stories is a relatively new feature on Instagram. This feature lets you share video and image content in a slideshow format. The video content is typically less than 30 seconds, and content shared via an Instagram Story will disappear within 24 hours. Because Instagram Stories have an indirect feel to them, engagement will rise since people feel as though they’re experiencing something natural. If a client posts a photo of your product, you can share the post directly to your Instagram story to highlight the product and your client.

2.Engage your audience

When using social media sites it’s important to take the time to engage with the audience. This will help your audience feel valued, this will increase future sales of the products. The easiest way to engage your audience is by responding quickly to the comments that people have left on your post photos and feeds. Another way to engage your audience is by asking them to do something with social media posts. one method is tag someone who might benefit from seeing the image or post. Though it’s simple it does a good job of getting people to comment and engage with the content being posted. When people leave complaints, you must be quick to respond. A fast response can help someone feel as though you take their problem seriously and that you value customer service.

3. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a big trend on Instagram. An influencer marketing campaign requires you to find other Instagram accounts that are willing to accept payment in exchange for promoting your brand. Online apparel stores can be easily promoted on IG. You can use a ‘middleman’ to help find influencers with a relevant audience, and there are many websites that offer this service.

4. Use IGTV

 Launched in June 2018, IGTV is a feature that shows long-form, vertical videos. IGTV is available within Instagram’s app. IGTV platform is designed for sharing long-form videos. It’s similar to Instagram Stories, only your videos stay forever on your channel. Videos can be up to 10 minutes long. For larger and verified accounts, they can be up to 60 minutes

5.Instagram ads

For running your Instagram ads, we need to be clear about the result of running a campaign.we can achieve the following goals with the help of Instagram ads:

             1.Brand awareness


Ads that generate brand awareness tend to be different from ads that are going to generate sales. The images used in such ads may be based on showcasing things other than the products or services we sell. When user click on brand awareness ads, they might be taken to your Instagram profile so that they can follow your account and receive updates when you post future content. Ads that are designed to generate sales are often more direct. The images used for ads tend to showcase a specific product. The description is also written so that the price and benefits of the products are made clear.


While you might be new to the idea of using Instagram to promote your business, after reading this post, you should now have a good sense of how to get started. contact us for more help and clarification about Instagram advertising.